I am consulting remotely with an international team who work across the diverse fields of acoustic research, urban design, architecture, DIY technology, sound art, disability culture & well-being. They will send me provocations half-yearly as a way for me to move forward with current ideas & findings. Confirmed consultants for 2016 are:

Susan Cain (Author and Speaker, ‘Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ – and Chief Revolutionary & Co-Founder of ‘Quiet Revolution’ USA);  Julian Treasure (Sound Expert, The Sound Agency, UK); Leah Barclay (Sound Artist / President of Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology VIC); Gaelle Mellis (Designer, Creative and Disability Advocate, Access2Arts, SA); Heidi Angove (Technologist and Curator/Creative, Eat More Code, SA); Dale Wright (Designer, Design Ethic, SA); Sasha Grbich (Visual Artist, Sound Artist and Educator,, SA); Keith Hewett (Acoustician/Associate Director, Soundmatters, NSW).